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Dear Readers,

Today is Wednesday, March 16, 2016. Lately, I've been a bit saddened by the state of the world. I don't think anything changed except for the way I see things. The world seems to have always been a difficult place to live, with crazy things and sad things happening. Some of the events that led me to this realization would be the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Donald Trump running for President of the United States (and actually gaining a following), and experiencing life in an eating disorder treatment center for four months.

Once I wrote this "About This Blog" page, I realized that I'm starting this project as a way to spread some hope.

Of course, I'm a real person, not some robot hiding behind a screen. I don't know everything (not even close). Everything in this blog comes from me and my observations of the world, and what I've learned in life. In other words, whatever goes down on this blog may or may not be very different from the things you believe in.

I accept that I'm young and naïve, and that I've got a lot to learn, so I'm going into this with an open mind and an open heart. All I ask of you while reading this blog is the same, that you go into this with an open mind and heart as well. I've come to find that keeping an open mind and heart in a world of constant change is all we can do.

Without further ado, I invite you to read everything I write. Though I'll warn you, I may talk about politics, or religion or other controversial issues, and when you read about it, just go into it open-minded, consider the ideas, and then if you don't like them, just let those ideas go.

The point of all this is to spread love and hope, and to inspire others to do the same. And not just spread love and hope to those who are like you, but to those who are also different. To those of different religions and who have different ideas and political views.

Whatever you and I agree on or disagree on doesn't matter. We are different and that is what makes us beautiful. And in knowing we are different, let's be unified. Join me in this project to spread love and hope to people in any way you can.


#MUGTE #SpreadTheLove

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